LanePatrol goal is to become the leader data surveyor of cycling infrastructure to help decision-makers and mobility experts to design, build, and maintain safe and attractive cycling networks. We leverage being one of the few trusted suppliers to deliver the CycleRAP Methodology.


LanePatrol is a globally applicable and evidence-based solution that enables easy and affordable assessments of the safety and quality of cycle lane networks, giving insights to consultants and mobility planners. The aim is to allow all types of users to cycle safely and reduce the number of fatalities and serious injuries (Vision Zero). The end goal is to obtain, analyse, and commercialise cycling infrastructure data and related consulting services.

LanePatrol introduces the CycleRAP methodology to analyse and reduce the risk of road crashes for bicyclists based on the physical characteristics of the cycling infrastructure. Several large-scale studies of bicyclist crash data show a clear link between bicyclist crashes and the infrastructure-related characteristics (source: The CycleRAP methodology is developed by the International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP), a registered charity dedicated to eliminating risky roads. Its methodologies have been implemented in over 100 countries, including 1.4 million km of Star Rating Assessments, the basis to create CycleRAP, for which LanePatrol is one of the three iRAP’s trusted suppliers.

LanePatrol Projects:

  • Fundación Mapfre / iRAP international project: analysis of different cycle route typologies in the cities of Madrid and Barcelona.
  • Molière: analysis of the safety of cycle routes connecting Barcelona with the neighbouring towns of Castelldefels and Badalona (Spain).
  • PHOEBE: analysis of the connections to arrive by bicycle to the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain).