A digital tool to manage multiple mobility incentive programmes and mobility budgets to nudge mobility behaviour. Rideal can take any MaaS app to a level where societal goals can be achieved by cities and regions.



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Rideal is a backend platform that allows managing, implementing and analysing multiple mobility micro-incentive programs to nudge mobility behavioural change. It uses a flexible and dynamic mobility criteria engine to validate the requirements of a trip in order to be incentivised.

A mobility micro-incentive is a tailor-made monetary or an in-kind reward based on flexible sets of criteria to maximise financial and societal goals. Criteria could include the selection of mode of transport at specific times or days, as well as any other attribute such as origin and destination of a trip or a citizen’s age or work situation.

Rideal implementation projects:

  • Molière (funded by the EUSPA): pilot with Dott micromobility company in the city of Brussels where an incentive was introduced for users for the last mile connecting with a transport hub.