Mobility Data Spaces

Drive innovation with mobility data spaces

Understand how to leverage your data to enhance your mobility goals.

What is a mobility data space?

A data space is a federated data and service ecosystem enabling the voluntary, sovereign and secure data sharing between different entities, such as industry, SMEs and public administrations.

The concept applies to various sectors, such as manufacturing, energy, tourism, health, logistics and mobility.

Embrace innovation with mobility data spaces 

Maximise mobility

Unlock your data-driven opportunities by mapping your mobility data assets, needs and wants. This process allows you to identify untapped potential, optimise resource allocation, and pave the way for informed decision-making.

A solution tailored to you

Data spaces streamline data management processes, enhance decision-making capabilities, and drive innovation. Understand how a data space works, its basic components and its value proposition for you.

Growth opportunities

Monetise your data by identifying viable long-term use cases for data sharing through a comprehensive match-making process

Digitise further

Accelerate your digitalisation strategy by feeding your existing and planned digital tools with new data streams

Who can benefit from a mobility data space?

Companies in the mobility sector

Any company that is interested in connecting with a mobility data space to further innovation, efficiency, monetisation and other objectives.

Cities and public authorities

Cities looking to better-understand their transport systems to realise sustainability goals and new data-driven mobility models.

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How we support your journey in leveraging value from a mobility data space

 FACTUAL excels in developing and implementing innovative mobility solutions globally. We have an international team of experts ready to assist you from start to finish. 


Working alongside our trusted partners, our skilled team is ready to support you in implementing your data-driven mobility strategy, guiding you through every stage of the process.

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Unlocking the Future of Mobility with European Data Spaces

This study explores the foreseen challenges in developing, deploying and operating mobility data space. It also provides a set of key recommendations for cities and businesses to assess the application of data spaces for their respective needs.

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