Multi-operator Tool for Managing Demand Responsive Transport that aims to respond to the increasing demand for DRT gathered from users through digital communication tools (apps) and other types of tools


Demand Responsive Transit (DRT) allows the provision of public transport services through flexible routes and schedules, based on actual demand collected from users through digital or other communication tools.

DRT also has the potential to solve accessibility issues for urban low-demand areas thanks to the digitalisation of public transport and mass adoption of mobile phones. Accessibility to public transport in poorly served areas can impact the social and economic possibilities of vulnerable communities and reduce private car usage.

The project, a multi-operator tool for managing Demand rEsPonsive trAnspoRT (MultiDEPART), developed tools to plan, manage and monitor DRT solutions. Applied in Lisbon, the Barcelona Metropolitan Area and Thessaloniki, MultiDEPART targets public transport authorities (PTAs) and facilitates the harmonisation and scalability of DRT services across European cities.


Project duration: 01/01/2021 – 31/12/2021

Total Budget: 906,546 €