MObiLIty sERvices Enhanced by GALILEO & Blockchain through the integration of IoT, Big Data, Cloud Computing and Data Spaces


Urban mobility is becoming an issue of great importance in today’s society due to the increasing population movements towards big cities and the exponential growth of cities in developing countries. Today, urban mobility schemes are evolving faster than ever mainly due to social, economic and technological changes. The traditional choice between walking, taking public transport or buying a car is being extended with a wide range of new flexible mobility services, such as vehicle sharing and ride-hailing.

MOLIERE’s output is a Mobility Data Marketplace (MDM) underpinned by blockchain technology, raising the profile, visibility, availability, and utility of geo-location data from GALILEO, testing it to fuel and demonstrate a diverse set of concrete, highly relevant mobility scenarios and use cases where geo-location data is key, addressing the needs of cities, public transport authorities, mobility service providers, and end-users.

The main goals of Molière are:

  • FUELING MaaS with GALILEO-sourced geo-location data
  • IMPROVING road safety & sustainability.
  • ENABLING source payment transactions trusting GALILEO geo-positioning data
  • NUDGING a positive behavioural change from users.


Project duration: 01/12/2020 – 30/11/2023

Total budget: 2,7 M€