CommINSAFE (Commuting with shared mobility covid-free) has developed a new technological solution to enable on-demand transport and ride-sharing mobility with co-workers who commute to business areas that does not have a proper public transport offer.


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Corporate mobility is one of the key topics to reach the sustainable development goals (SDGs) due to its high rate of motorized vehicles in their (daily) modal shift, i.e.; 57% in Barcelona metropolitan area. There is a huge room to improve the commutes to high-density business parks and industrial areas away from the city centre, usually with a poor public transport offer. This dependency on private vehicles for reaching the workplace leads to problems for the companies such as significant space allocated for parking could be better used for other purposes and talent retention as the daily commute time is a real stopper for many employees.

A novel, on-demand corporate mobility service based on a technological platform was developed. It allows employees working at different companies based in the same business area to book a virtual seat in the more convenient pick-up point and timetable to suit their daily journey to their workplace, with the following features:

  • On-demand: the NEMI application for providing and managing a flexible transport service which includes virtual pick-up points in tailored and flexible routes that connect dense urban areas (where employees live) with the employee’s workplace.
  • Corporate: the design of the service is adapted to companies that are established in areas that are underserved by the public transport system, with the particularity that it is tailored for the use by several different companies in the same area, as it is possible to design routes including several stops to drop-off passengers at different final locations.


Project duration: 01/07/2020 – 31/12/2020

Total budget: 0,55 M€

Project partners: Factual Consulting, Ajuntament de Sant Cugat, CERTH, Taxyway, Groupito, KTH