Cleanergy 4 Micromobility aims to implement innovative e-scooter docks in cities, by using solar pavement with a battery storage system completely off-grid and a cable-less e-scooter attachment


Micromobility has experienced swift market penetration in urban areas and several cities are supporting related sharing schemes, while developing an adequate policy framework. The rise of shared e-scooter reduces car usage while encouraging sustainable mobility trends, mainly for short trips, and even those that can be the first and last-mile connectors of the backbone transport system.

Their arrival on our streets a few years ago experienced a quick growth in popularity and usage, and they are a commonplace in the European main cities. However, there are still a number of challenges that need to be addressed by policymakers to ensure the orderly, safe and sustainable growth of these services:

  • Public Space Invasion
  • The operating costs linked to charging the e-scooters
  • Need to improve the source energy that e-scooters are using

The solution: docks for e-scooters that can be easily placed everywhere including, Solar pavement that provides renewable energy, cableless e-scooter attachment, helmet’s storage to increase users’ safety.


Project duration: 01/01/2022 – 31/12/2022

Total budget: 1,25 M€

Project partners: Barcelona City Council, Major Development Agency of Thessaloniki, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Factual Consulting, CARNET, Yupcharge, Solum, Omnitec, CERTH, RISE Scooters, SmartOpt.