The new generation of European Bus Rapid Transit of 2030 electrified, automated, connected, urban and periurban


The eBRT2030 project will create a New Generation of advanced full electric, urban and peri-urban European Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) enhanced with novel automation and connectivity functionalities, to support sustainable urban transport by reducing cost/km/ passenger, TCO, GHG and pollutant emissions and traffic congestion. The eBRT2030 project is developed through three main lines:

1) The development of technology-focused key innovative solutions for BRT

2) 7 demos of BRT system innovative solutions in real operation, both city-&operator-led and BRT system focused, or focused on specific technology innovation at subsystem level that are ready for BRT operations, in Europe and outside

3) the definition a new European concept of Bus Rapid Transit for year 2030, benefitting of evaluation, multiplication and replication of the real-operation test of innovations


Project duration: 01/01/2023 – 31/12/2026

Total budget: 30.748.489,75 €